Del Potter, PhD

Chief Science Officer
Leef Labs
I am Chief Science Officer at Leef Labs. My background is in Medical Anthropology and my doctorate is in Ethno psychopharmacology, the study of indigenous psychotropic botanicals, their cultural applications and significance and possible benefits for Western medicine. My initial research began with a focus on the personality, psychohistory, the personality development of the shamanic practitioner cross-culturally and forming an anthropological framework for the interpretation and resolution of psychiatric and mental health issues. My research in Mexico and Brazil came to include additional research into the ethnobotany of psychedelic botanicals and how they are specifically employed in the shamanic pharmacopeia. As part of this investigation of ethnobotanical pharmacopeia, I have done extensive taxonomic research on species and varieties of psychedelic mushrooms, focusing particularly on regional varieties of Psilocybe Cubensis, and was among the first to determine that ß-carboline derivatives harmine, tetrahydroharmine, and harmaline were present in certain varieties of Psilocybe Cubensis and their function as MAO inhibitors. Other interests include the development of cultural institutions, policy, and structure for the administration of psychedelic substances to achieve successful outcomes, cross-cultural use of psychedelic substances, the successful use of psychedelic substances in psychiatric interventions and GMP standards for the production of these botanicals and compounds.

Leef Labs is a California licensed Cannabis manufacturing company that manufactures Cannabis APIs and Cannabis nutraceuticals at our fourteen-acre location in Willits, California. We are currently pursuing cGMP certification, DEA Schedule 1 licensing and plan on producing new Cannabis APIs for focused medical applications. Leef has developed new IP for the extraction and manufacture of Cannabis products and fully automated production lines. We are initiating a joint venture this quarter with a pharmaceutical partner to sponsor preclinical and clinical trials on Cannabis-based medicines addressing insomnia and anxiety-related insomnia. We will also be developing Cannabis-based formulations for pain relief indications. I recently provided expert testimony to the FDA regarding a new combination Cannabis drug for pain relief and for Opiate Use Disorder (OUD)d.

Leef Labs is also engaged in the construction of a GMP certified facility for the production of psychedelic botanicals and their extracted active principles. The first phase of this project is the development of a GMP facility and cultivation standards for the cultivation of Psilocybe mushroom species and varieties. Subsequent phases would include other regional species and varieties of psychedelic botanicals including, for example, Banisteriopsis Caapi, Anadenanthera peregrina vars. falcata, peregrine, and Psychotria Viridis, which contain a rich variety of new and unknown psychedelic compounds. Cultural research into the indigenous uses of psychedelic botanicals and the ceremonial structures that contextualize their use will also be conducted. This facility will supply certified compounds to universities and institutions conducting research on psychedelic substances, with whom it will partner to conduct its own research. The facility will provide a secure repository for these substances, allow the investigation of new undiscovered compounds and opportunities for horticultural, botanical and mycological investigations. Leef Labs is developing a fully equipped organic chemistry research laboratory for the biochemical examination and development of new psychedelic compounds. Leef will work with research organizations to develop these new compounds and provide opportunities for collaborative research ventures.

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