Danielle Wise, Ph.D.

Director of Product Management and Education
Entheos Science Systems

Danielle Wise, PhD., has been in private practice as a psychotherapist for 18 years, focusing on the impact of trauma on interpersonal relationships and now, the healing potential of psychedelic experiences. Highlights of her career include teaching communication and trauma awareness courses based in somatic psychology, speaking on the topics of trauma and resilience for businesses and schools, and managing a U.S. national research team studying the lived experience of oppression that culminated in a performance ethnography.

In her spare time, she is on the advisory board for Unlimited Sciences, a co-founder (with The Nowak Society) of Women’s Leadership in Psychedelics, the founder of Colorado Psychedelic, and worked on the campaign to decriminalize mushrooms in Denver and continued community education after the successful election. She also dialogues with professionals and activists on inclusivity, diversity, ethics, and sexual misconduct in psychedelic communities to ensure protections for all people who have psychedelic experiences.

Danielle believes that Integration is vital to successful psychedelic treatments and that evidence-informed training programs are needed to enable the mass adoption of psychedelics into standard practices. As Director of Product Management and Education at Entheos Science Systems, Danielle is leading the development of a virtual integration therapy application and a training curriculum that can teach and inspire professionals to provide improved ongoing care for their patients.

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